On this page we present a deep dive into some assorted details about the our "Heirloom" product that help to explain its top-tier, premium status.

From our insistence on using only genuine "silver halide" photographic paper, to bonding of the photographic print to genuine canvas which is then stretched on a custom wooden mount, to the UV coating that both protects and increases longevity, to the hand-crafted museum-quality frames -- every step uses only premium materials and top craftsmen.

A word about longevity - The archival photographic paper used is rated at approximately 100 years. We further protect the surface with a UV coating that protects from moisture and dirt. It is even possible to wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth to remove dust without causing any damage. When properly displayed (out of sunlight, for example) you can expect your portrait to be enjoyed for generations!

(Some notes about our "Classic" product:  The same archival silver halide photographic paper is used; the print is mounted on a solid surface, not canvas; the frames are from the same artisanal  supplier, however they are ready-made selections, not custom made.)


There are many methods of producing a physical photographic print. Prints made on a home ink-jet printer, or those from a mini photo lab cannot compare to a genuine "silver halide" print -- especially for portraits.


Old world craftsmanship as the frame design is hand-carved


Not all frame styles require all the steps shown here, but this gives a great insight into the complexity of finishing a hand-made frame after the carving has been completed. The undercoatings of colored clay allow for color tones to show through later, as gold leaf is rubbed to reveal some of the color.