Exquisite wall art portraits of the elderly.

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The Goldleaf Portrait:

We cater exclusively to subjects 75 or older.
A perfect way to honor a parent, grandparent, retiring CEO, founder, or benefactor.

Serving Southeast Florida

Only two products to choose from:

The Goldleaf

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The Goldleaf

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Both products feature the distinctive Goldleaf Portraits look

What is the Goldleaf Portraits "look"?

The style that we have chosen for these photographic portraits is a dramatic, colorful, high-contrast, almost edgy look. Coupled with our subtle yet effective retouching, and our meticulous background and frame selections, the portrait becomes a striking piece of wall art. Some have commented that these portraits have an almost painting-like feel, yet they maintain that super-realistic photographic image quality.

Unlike many photographers who feel the need to soften portraits of the elderly to hide aging, we choose to celebrate the elderly with our vibrant and very much "alive" style. We love letting the wisdom of the years shine through!

Many of the great classic art masters considered the frame to be a part of the art itself and not just something to hold it for display. In that spirit, we put great effort into finding the perfect frame to complement the image. In particular, our Goldleaf Heirloom product is framed in a hand-carved wood frame that is hand-finished with real yellow or white gold leaf. These are the very same frames that adorn masterpieces in art galleries around the world -- each one crafted to order.

(Please note that because our production process is so complex, sessions are extremely limited)